Neon Oblivion 
    Platform: Windows
    Game Engine: Unity
    Programming Language: C#
Neon Oblivion is a first-person movement platformer with puzzle solving elements. Play as a hero attempting to undo the corruption spread by the Vaporwave Wizard, a sinister being aiming to recreate the world as vaporwave. Swing and dash through the Wizard's Castle, a vaporwave space riddled with weirdness and death traps, in attempt to stop the Vaporwave Wizard from permanently changing the world around you. 

My Role
Lead Programmer - Team of 20 
Lead 8 programmers remotely:
- Organized weekly meetings and individual meetings. 
- Divided up and managed tasks amongst programmers. 
- Maintained deadlines. 
- Facilitated communication between programmers. 
- Communicated programming progress, suggestions, and roadblocks to the producer and the discipline leads (Design, Art, Audio, User Experience, and Narrative). 
- Managed GitHub branches, merge requests, and organization across the entire team.  
- Maintained an active bug list. 

Programmed core gameplay systems
- Joint-based swinging 
- Dashing 
- Checkpoints 
- Level progression 

Programmed core level mechanics:
- Grappling points & Platforms 
- Fire obstacles 
- Buttons and Doors 

Programmed game feel mechanics
- Coyote falling off platforms 
- Death cycle 
- Various particle systems 

Software Used
• Unity and C#
• GitHub 
• Jira

Notable Displays
Neon Oblivion was played by thousands at FUSE 2021, a yearly interactive exhibit at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. 

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