Flying Aces
    Platform: Windows
    Game Engine: Unity
    Programming Language: C#
Flying Aces is a miniature golf game where player's must throw a paper airplane to a goal post across an office space in as little throws as possible. Control the plane in the air to avoid obstacles, gain boosts from blowing fans, and find secret bobble heads hidden around the office.

My Role
Gameplay Programmer - Team of 7 
• Designed Core Gameplay
- Collaborated with a producer, designers, and artists to design and bring life to an initial prototype
- Created and ran playtests of concepts, prototypes, and game iterations
- Maintained a bug list and fixed bugs
• Developed core plane mechanics
- Programmed plane glider physics and controls
- Set up Cinemachine camera behavior

• Programmed core level mechanics
- Checkpoints
- Blowing fans

Developed game states:
- Set up states for throwing and flying paper airplanes
- Set up states for level management and completion

Software Used
• Unity and C#
• Cinemachine
• GitHub 
• Trello

Notable Displays
Flying Aces was shown to thousands in IndieCade 2020.
Flying Aces was displayed to thousands at The Game Developer's Session in 2020.
Flying Aces was showcased at FUSE 2020 to thousands at the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

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