Flying Aces is a miniature golf x paper airplane throwing mashup. Soar through the skies and take in the beautiful scenery that is office life. Guide your trusty paper airplane to the goal-post in the least amount of throws possible. It's nothing but smooth sailing in this office!
Flying Aces has been shown off in IndieCade 2020 and The Game Developer's Session 2020. It will also be shown to thousands at FUSE 2021, an exhibit in the Peoria Riverfront Museum.
Flying Aces
     Platform: Windows
    Game Engine: Unity
    Programming Language: C#
My Role
Gameplay Programmer - Team of 7 
• Programmed plane physics and game state systems.
• Collaborated with producers, artists, and designers to iterate on an initial prototype.
• Implemented camera system effects using Cinemachine. 

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