I am William Nomikos, a student studying Game Design, User Experience Design, and Computer Science & Information Systems at Bradley University until May, 2021.

My desire to create games originates from a longing to create. All my life, I’ve developed characters, worlds, stories, mechanics and music within my head. While many creative mediums allow for the development of some these concepts, I find that video games allow me to closely develop all of them. Now, I am learning how to turn my ideas into interactive and unique experiences through the medium of gaming.

Throughout my time at Bradley, I have come to learn many technical skills, including programming in Java, C++, and C#. In addition to this, I’ve spent a great deal of time developing games, both independently and with teams, using Unity3d. Nebula, a game I helped create alongside team Fuseverse, is planned to become a permanent exhibit at the Peoria Riverfront Museum.

Outside of developing games, I spend my time playing music, watching informative videos, and world building. In addition to this, I’ve found that listening to music or podcasts are a great way to stay focused while I do activities. Even in down time, I hope to learn from the content I consume, so that it may inspire new ideas and ways and thinking.